The Community Foundation of DeKalb County awards grants to support many types of charitable programs and projects. If your organization is not a public charity please contact us to verify your eligibility to receive a grant. The community foundation awards grants to religious organizations for charitable purposes but does not award grants for religious purposes.

We give priority to grant proposals for programs/projects that:

  • Will be completed within one year of receiving a grant.
  • Strengthen the grant seeking organization.
  • Directly relate to the grant seeker’s mission.
  • Project a high degree of community impact.
  • Benefit many local people.
  • Are proactive rather than reactive.

Charitable organizations that submit grant proposals are more likely to receive a grant when they:

  • Articulate a specific need.
  • Demonstrate past success with the program/project.
  • Exhibit adequate qualifications to conduct the program or accomplish the project.
  • Balance the amount of their grant request with the potential benefit of the program/project.
  • Seek funding from several sources.

Grants are less likely to be awarded for:

  • Repeat funding for a program or project.
  • Funding debt.

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To apply for a grant:

The Community Foundation has created this site to streamline the grant submission and reporting process. On this site you can fill out and submit grant proposals, as well as fulfill the ongoing reporting requirements.

  1. Create an account on this site
  2. Fill out a grant proposal form
  3. Upload any supporting documentation
    • With your grant proposal, attach a list of your organization’s staff and current board of directors that describes their areas of expertise.
    • If this is your organization’s first grant proposal to the Community Foundation DeKalb County, include a copy of your organization’s 501 (c) 3 designation letter.
  4. Submit the grant proposal

Questions? Contact us at (260) 925-0311 or